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Thursday, May 15, 2014

New and Exciting

Exciting things happen daily in our lives with regards to health and happiness now that we're using doTERRA 100% certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and essential oil infused wellness products. But what is both exciting AND new, lately ? Oh just FREE shipping, a visit from an oil EXPERT, and seasonal allergy RELIEF!

1. I hate paying for shipping. I just do. doTERRA gets it. They just do. They're awesome. So this- this shipping rewards program is new this month! (Us & Canada) The shipping rewards program (SRP) helps a consultant earn free product points that can be used toward purchasing orders. Any preferred member, or wellness advocate, can earn SRPs in three ways: By placing any online order, by placing a loyalty rewards or enrollment order, or by placing an online LRP or enrollment order. Need more details or clarification? Shoot me an e-mail eoswithjessica [at] gmail [dot] com
2. Jennifer Richmond of Better with Oils (check her page out on facebook) flew ALL THE WAY FROM CALIFORNIA to spend a long weekend with ME! Jennifer is the oil expert that from her grew this large, diverse, spread out, incredible team of Wellness Advocates that I am blessed to be a part of. She taught classes here and she trained me in how to teach my own classes. I learned so much about essential oils and how to use them for things like hormones and mood management, female health and wellness, making over our medicine cabinet, and keeping kids and babies healthy- naturally. Jennifer is an incredible teacher, but more importantly she is one heck of a person. Definitely a great roll model and someone I aspire to be like. Hers is a story of faith, forgiveness and healing and she is on a quest to share the light of Christ and the wonderful qualities of these oils with everyone that she meets.

3. My husband and I were raised in Colorado and never had any allergies to speak of. We've even traveled the world a bit and haven't had a problem. But spring in Arkansas is brutal! (Or we're getting old and wimpy.) And the kids are suffering too! I missed a long anticipated church activity the other night because my family was a red and puffy, coughing, covered in snot and goop, emotional mess! My husband even missed a day of work! And there I was frustrated beyond belief that my "hippy oils" weren't helping despite my efforts to treat us all for the cold and flu. But then... it dawned on me! (Well I mean my friend mentioned her allergies were pretty bad... and THEN in dawned on me.) So, I switched up our oils routine and BAM - back to our normal selves. We now love this new doTERRA product! Not that the kids can take them yet. But I did rub lavender, peppermint and lemon behind their ears instead. I was skeptical. I mean, it seemed too simple. But our eyes no longer look like tomatoes and I haven't been scratching at my throat and my 18 month old isn't hacking up a lung.

Thank goodness for natural solutions! Order yours today! 

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